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SwitchBot? How it all started.

Sometimes magical things happen when you least expect it. One night, before going to sleep, our CEO realized that he needed to get out of bed again, turn off the lights, and close the curtains. And it’s then, at that very moment that the idea of SwitchBot started.

We see on the news day after day of how robots are changing the world around us, but… why haven’t we seen something more tangible that we can associate with in our homes?

And so, a team was formed and the goal to create a useful, simple, and convenient bot began.

After looking at all kinds of self-proclaimed smart switches and curtains in the market, SwitchBot slowly started to come to life, and after a few years, our product line had expanded in a way that enabled our customers to turn their home in to a smart home with a few simple steps.

We've come a long way...



SwitchBot was born in 2016, and from here we started to research into how we could enrich people's lives using home automation. In November of this year, we started our very first Kickstarter campaign with our hero product, SwitchBot Bot.

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Our Kickstarter campaign then came to a successful end, and we decided to build on this by releasing SwitchBot Hub Plus.

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This year was probably one of the biggest key turning points for SwitchBot. Not only did we enter the Amazon marketplace, but we also became Best Sellers in the Smart Home catergory within the same year. We then looked to expand into the US, EU, and Japanese market. Oh yeah, and we released SwitchBot Plug!

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Thought it couldn't get any better? Well, it did. 2019 saw even greater expansion of our product line with the introduction of SwitchBot Hub Mini, and users now had more choice when it came to controlling their devices. SwitchBot Meter and Humidifier were also released, and SwitchBot Ecosystem began to thrive.

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Yup, back to Kickstarter we went. This time with our next hero product, SwitchBot Curtain, a product so good that Kickstarter featured it under their 'Projects We Love' section. Curtain would also go on to win the GOOD DESIGN 2020, IDEA Design, and Red Star Design awards in the same year.

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Things got serious. SwitchBot Motion Sensor was released, as well as SwitchBot Indoor Camera, SwitchBot Tag, and Color Bulb too. SwitchBot Ecosystem was looking stronger than ever before, with more automation available than you could shake a stick at.

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Think that was all? Ha! No. We gave Curtain an upgrade, which saw the 2nd Gen released in 2022. As well as the addition of 10+ other products, including Lock series devices, and the introduction of SwitchBot Blind Tilt via Kickstarter.

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2023 was something special. We did something we never thought possible before and entered the Robot Vacuum market. And then we won some awards, and then a few more, and then even more again with the announcement of SwitchBot Floor Cleaning Robot S10 at Berlin's IFA exhibition. Even more home automation products were released. SwitchBot Curtain was now 3rd Gen, and we saw the introduction of the Matter standard with SwitchBot Hub 2.

Why choose SwitchBot?

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SwitchBot Curtain 3

Upgrade instead of replacing.

If you’re looking to transition into a smart home environment, but don’t want the hassle of changing electronics or replacing appliances then SwitchBot can help you transform your home and make it smarter in seconds saving you time and money.

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SwitchBot Hub 2

Makes your home smarter.

When we design our products, we always make sure installation and setup are as easy and intuitive as possible. What’s more, once you are set up, there’s a ton of ways to make your living environment even smarter.

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What SwitchBot means to us.

SwitchBot is a passionate team dedicated to building products that help enrich people’s lives by making the world around us more interactive, fun, and accessible.

We are conscious that sometimes completely re-fitting a home with smart products is neither economically viable, nor is it great for the environment.

Our mission is to fill this void and offer products that are made for people from all walks of life, across the world, one SwitchBot at a time.

We've won awards too.

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Meet the SwitchBot Family.

There’s a product for everyone, check out our store now to find out more.

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