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Meter Plus helps detect indoor temperature

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Meter Plus detects that indoor humidity is out of range

Customer Reviews

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Accurate and easy to read.

This thermometer/hygrometer displays its data (temperature + humidity) in a large readable font. It is more accurate than many, thanks to its Swiss sensor.

Accurate readings and reliable connectivity

I'm reviewing the SwitchBot Meter Plus two-pack which I bought on September 28, 2022. They come in nice boxes and 2 AAA batteries each are included. They have a magnet on their backs and come with metal stickers so they can be mounted to non-magnetic surfaces. Downloading the app and connecting them with Bluetooth was uneventful. After six weeks the battery levels were 97%. I am using them to monitor a refrigerator/freezer and they are working well for this. They connect even when the doors are closed which surprised me. Once they sync, the app shows graphs for temperature and humidity that can be zoomed in and out. It shows the high, low, and average temperature/humidity for the time period you choose. I don't have the hub so they have to synced manually which takes a while. If you just want to check them as needed the hub isn't necessary, but if you want to see the graphs of past values, the hub sounds like a good idea. Very impressed for the price.

S Misa
Perfect way to monitor my plants!

I got this thermometer to help gauge the temperature, and humidity in the area for my plants and it has been very helpful! My plants now have the perfect temperature for them to thrive, especially in the winter. I've used this throughout summer, and it even helped me see how warm it was at home before I got home allowing me to turn on the AC remotely so the home is more tolerable before stepping in.

Great for remote monitoring.

I have one in my attic. Was having trouble with high heat and discovered my attic fan was not cutting on. Once I replaced the fan I put the unit up there to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity. I put the other unit in the basement. Very helpful to gain insight as to how much humidity changes with weather.

Simple setup and fairly accurate

Got up and running quick and easy on the app. I use it in conjunction with the Hub Mini to control my mini-split. Works well in setting the range to keep cool/warm my rooms. Also love to see the data recorded.