Equipped with a rechargeable battery, SwitchBot Curtain features a built-in battery that can be used for 8 months

Once the Solar Panel plugged in the SwitchBot Curtain, you will never have to recharge again

Offer SwitchBot App control for iOS and Android, open and close the curtain at your fingertip

Charger for SwitchBot Curtain - works with U/Rod/I SwitchBot Curtain models

Customer Reviews

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Michel Côté
Solar panel

perfect no need to check the batteries anymore 🪫

Luke DiLodovico

Solar Panel Combo

Nicholas Reid

Solar Panel Combo

Kimberly Kuiper
Love this gadget!

Great deal during Black Friday sales. I am thrilled about this gadget, although the sound during moving did surprise me a little bit (had read it was loud and obvious, but it really IS loud and obvious, in a high-pitch manner). Still loving it, would buy for every curtainrail in the house if I had money to spare.

Marsha N.
Futuristic Tech

I am very excited about this product combo, I am still working out the kinks since I bought the wrong kind of curtain (rod pocket) but it has a lot promise. I love the remote control ability to open my curtains.

Kamila Z
cathedral ceilings

SwitchBot took a few minutes to set up, and now we finally have shade in the house. It's a little bulky, so we had to be careful to have enough space between the rod and the wall on the side of the windows. Besides that, it works great with Google hub/assistant. If you have 2 Bots controlled by one remote, don't forget to >combine< the curtains in the application.

Works as intended

I was skeptical at first, but the SwitchBot solar panel and curtain bot worked exactly as advertised! It’s been about 3 weeks since I got it installed and its working perfectly. Great for a window too high up to reach. I haven't messed with the scheduling but I am sure it works just as well.

David Lewis II

Solar Panel Combo