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Successor with a bigger screen

I have the previous Switchbot Thermometer/Hygrometer meter. It worked well and had a very long battery life which still in full with over year use. However, although it is easy to use as a trigger for smart homes, it has the drawback of being difficult to read unless you deliberately look into it. The new version has a larger screen, making it easier to read at long distances and narrow angles. It s a modest advantage, but it s practical. Also the setup process is very smooth.

William Arroyo
Powerful little hub!

Works great!! Using it with HOOBS controls my dumb TV in the bedroom no issues with it going offline! Highly recommend! Wish they had the old cloud hub that one looks cool! Overall a great product!

great innovation

Now I can control my switchbots anywhere Im at. very tiny device. very easy to integrate with the switchbot systems.

For those of us who can't see too good

Its literally just a larger version of the smaller sensor - but bigger. The kickstand on the back does its job well if you place it on a low surface and want it at an angle. Build quality is on part with all of Switchbot products... very good. They don't use the very flimsy, cheap feeling, shiny plastics. Matte finish on this one and the LCD screen is easy to read. I have my hub/cloud downstairs and the sensor is upstairs in another room across the house and it connects just fine. I have two of the smaller ones in my CRAWLSPACE under the house and they connect fine there as well. Its encapsulated but the BLE distance is amazing.

Mike G.
Home Automation

I love this thing it works great. You can control all kinds of things with it.

So far I am controlling my AC unit, Fan, TV, Fish/Shrimp Tank lighting control, power on/off lights, and more.

I like the widgets so I can just press a single click instead of going into the app makes it a breeze to turn things off and on.

It is really easy to setup and use.

Great Quality & Reasonable Price

Cameras are very easy to install. Not much to it. Click the base where you want it, or dont. Download SwitchBot app. Plug in power cord. The app walks you easily through the steps. I connected mine to my Alexa so that I can use the cameras to trigger routines. I purchased a micro SD card to save any photos I may need, but there is also a cloud option. The cameras have the option to either continuously save video or just any motion that triggered camera.

I attached two pictures. One is night vision. The other is day vision showing view from app.

I like the product and at the price, I will probably buy more. I definitely will buy other items they make. They both look and feel of quality.

Joy Everett
Great picture. I can watch my critters while Im away.

Omg! This was so tempermental! I had a heckofa time getting it to set up. I have tried multiple times on 4 different days. Then today I decided to try it again and BAM! It worked and I love it. Great picture, clear view. Im excited to use it on my next outing.

Deanna Brigmon
Definitely worth every penny

I use this one as a baby monitor and really love the camera quality and all its many functions. What I wish was better about the camera was the speaker. It seems to sounded muffled but its still nice that it has it.
I definitely plan on getting more cameras. One camera I wish was available with SwitchBot was an outdoor security camera. I hope that soon that one will be available. I will be buying more these cameras soon.