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Great product with the Hub

Perfect when your on the go and need to turn something on / off. With the Hub, you can utilize to your liking.

Glenn White
Super useful and versatile

Really reliable and versatile device, love that you can make any dumb appliance smart!

Overall really impressed, my only hope is that in the future there is a smaller version

Tommy Burns
A Unique Solution

I found the SwitchBot while trying to find a solution for remote powering of my computer. It's exactly the solution for what I needed. It's simple to setup with a 3m sticky back and holds well even after a long time of use. The bot integrates well with Alexa and Siri Shortcuts and the SwitchBot app. You'll need the hub for remote use, but the hub itself also doubles as a remote control. Honestly a lot of practical uses for smartening up older tech in the house.

Great product

Great product. Fast product


We use this often, we use this for our bathroom fan. Our fan (which is a button) only stays on for a few minutes and sometimes we need it on for longer but can't get up from the toilet, so we press it on our phones (because our phones are always with us. haha) We've had it since April and the battery still hasn't needed to be changed. Would definitely recommend for things like this.

(Another great way to use this device is to put it on your computer tower (if it's a button) and use it to turn on your computer, especially if your computer tower is in a hard to reach place.)

Unique capability done well

This product has saved me, no joke, about $10K. After getting a non standard HVAC Mini Split Heat Pump installed, I found myself in need of some way to set up a replacement thermostat control that required a physical button push. Finding Switchbot, when paired with their mini hub and a temperature sensor, I was able to set up an automatic "scene" to turn the HVAC on and off based on the temperature in my toddler's bedroom. This is by far the best commercial system available that I am aware of. When finding yourself choosing between replacing a system for over $10K or finding a way to control a dumb (non smart) appliance, Switchbot can't be beat.

Great product, easy setup

Great and easy setup. I use this to turn my porch lights on. It doesn't use WiFi it'll work when your internet isn't working.

Arthur Geravetyan
Perfect for the not so smart tech in your house

I have an older monitor that won't turn on and off with my Fire TV, so I bought one of these and it saves me from walking across the room to shut off my screen. I love it!