Bot Combo

Includes 4 SwitchBot Bot (Black).

Make any old button in your home smart. Not just light switches, but even physical buttons like coffee machine buttons, computer buttons, garage door buttons, and more!

CA$111.97  CA$159.96

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Smart Curtain Combo

Contains 1 x Solar Panel (Black) and 1 x Curtain U Rail (Black).

Solar Panel helps provide up to 8 months of battery life for SwitchBot Curtain on a single charge. Never worry about it suddenly stopping working again!

CA$104.98  CA$149.98

Save 30% with Code: 30SSS

Lock Starter Combo

Contains 1 x SwitchBot Lock (Black) and 1 x Keypad.

Add a passcode unlocking option for SwitchBot Lock with one-time passcodes, temporary passcodes, permanent passcodes, and even emergency passcodes.

CA$118.99 CA$169.99

Save 30% with Code: 30SSS

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Sensor Combo

Contains 1 x Motion Sensor and 1 x Contact Sensor.

Add an extra layer of protection for home security by monitoring the condition of doors, windows, and abnormal motion around your home.

CA$52.68 CA$61.98

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Indoor Security Combo

Contains 1 x Indoor Cam and 1 x Pan/Tilt Cam 2K.

SwitchBot Indoor Cam is small and can be placed upside down. And with Pan/Tilt Cam 2K you can rotate around to capture wider areas when monitoring home life. The two work together to provide comprehensive protection for family safety.

CA$55.99 CA$79.98

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Smart Studio Combo

Contains 1 x SwitchBot Bot (Black) and 1 x Color Bulb

SwitchBot Bot helps make any old buttons smart, and Color Bulb makes the color temperature and tone of your working environment change depending on what suits you.

CA$32.19  CA$45.98

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SwitchBot Curtain


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SwitchBot Bot


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SwitchBot Hub Mini


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SwitchBot Blind Tilt


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