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Andres Abril
Make your house smarter

Extremely easy to install, and 0 invasive. No need to remove your old locks to make your house smarter. It also includes a magnet that works as a sensor to detect if the door is open or close. Calibration was a breeze and so far it has worked flawlessly. Just be mindful you'll have to buy some CR123A 3V Batteries whenever the included ones run out (I mention this because it's not a common battery type you have spare at home).

Like this lock

This is my 2nd lock that I bought because I like it so much.
Super easy to install and user friendly app. Customer service is also responsive.

It just works so smoothly

I mean not much else to say. I am blown away. For how much heat these guys get on some reviews wow was I skeptical. Minor flaws don't mean a thing in this smart home world. It's all new. Let's not forget that. Everything is a work in progress, and holy crap do these guys improve on everything. Everything I thought was going to go wrong for how cheap everything they sell is has not gone wrong. It just works so smoothly. I mean you just can't beat this at all. I don't even write reviews as you can probably tell, but I am telling you not to get influenced by the negative reviews. Bunch of tech nerds that are upset over something that is outrageously nitpicky for an effin system that costs fractions of what other ecosystems are charging. Seriously acting like they paid thousands of dollars for this. I am telling you, I am inpatient with this stuff, I have very little wiggle room for error and flaws but I do keep a realistic mindset when im buying a hun for $40 and a lock fir $70. Keep in mind any other smart lock is gonna run $200. Hubs are anywhere from $50-300 depending on how much money you want to waste. This is flawless for the price point. Absolutely exceptional, and I am not looking back. Even linking everything as we speak to HomeKit via HomeBridge.

Raymond L.
Everything else good.

Battery came with 70% capacity. Old stock. Otherwise everything else good.

Vernon Brown
Easy to set up

I like how easy it is to setup. And the fact that I was able to setup my 11 finger print on it so that he doesn't have to worry about a key and possibly losing it. This lock is awesome tons of features. If you're thinking about it just buy it it's worth every penny.

Installation was super easy

This lock really solves the problem that renters face when trying to navigate the smart lock world (when there is an inability to remove the existing deadbolt anyway).

Installation was super easy and took 30 minutes at most. Setup through the app was also simple. The only issues I've faced are that 1) the fingerprint scanner sometimes will take a couple of attempts, and 2) my door really needs to be pushed to the frame for the lock not to jam. The latter is probably mostly the fault of my door specifically.

Otherwise though, it's a well thought out product that solves a niche in the smart lock world.

Baroda Ra
Easy to install

Because I rent, I didn't think I could install a smart lock. With this product, I was able to finally have a smart lock. It was easy to install, and the notifications have been spot on my girlfriend left the front door ajar, I was notified and secured it.

David Clark
Installation was super easy.

So like many others who have bought this lock, I live in an apartment. So Im not allowed to change the deadbolt.

I really wanted a smart lock because my Mother is disabled and it does help her greatly. She can lock and unlock it through the phone or keypad. It auto locks if she forgets to lock the door.

Installation was super easy. Just choose the right piece and it's super simple from there. My deadbolt is kinda loose so I didn't think it would work but surprisingly it did. It fits a perfectly.

Im really happy with my purchase! It turned my dumb lock smart.

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Easy to install


Safe and long-lasting


A keyless Experience

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Compatible with voice control/remote control