SwitchBot Lock

As a Bluetooth lock, you can control the SwitchBot Lock with your smartphone or Apple Watch when you’re near the door. It also has an auto-lock feature. To add voice...
CAD $129.99

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

Smart Curtains Automatic Curtain Opener Curtain Robot
CAD $128.00

SwitchBot Curtain

CAD $128.00

SwitchBot Meter Plus

CAD $18.00

SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam

CAD $52.00

SwitchBot Plug Mini

CAD $15.00

SwitchBot Keypad

1. Removes the need for keys. 2. Helps you have more control over your door. 3. Born to make life simple. 4. Helps make life more secure. 5. Data Testing/Specs
CAD $38.99

SwitchBot LED Strip Light

CAD $26.00

SwitchBot Plug Mini Combo

CAD $39.00 CAD $37.00
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