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Joy Nethercutt
SwitchBot Blind Tilts

Last week I received and installed three SwitchBot Blind Tilts for my bedroom windows, and I am very pleased. They perform exactly as I had intended!

Setting up was a bit of work but the end results are worth it!

I really like how every sunrise my blinds open and sunset it closes. I unfortunately was not able to set up the solar panel but it is fine because it has a long USB C cable to charge the device.

Brian Craig
So far so good

Blind tilts seem well made and installation was fairly easy, I love they way they work. If they hold up over time as I believe they will, they are a very good solution to hard to reach blinds.

Bill Robbins
Very cool. I have blinds on a window 20 feet overhead.

I used to call maintenance twice a year to open and close them. Now it's the push of a button.

Akos Szabo
Great device

Having installed 4 of these already, I gotta say they are fantastic. They are closing blinds when it gets dark, opening all on schedule in the morning. Installation was not too complicated. I recommend them to anybody who wants to make their home smarter.

Richard Mills
Great product

Easy to install and works very well. I wish I didn’t need to charge them as often as I do though.

Allan Sutcliffe
Great product

these automatic Venetian blind opening and closing devices are one of the best devices Ive bought

Alexandre Herbay

I got 5 blind tilts and a hub. Works as described. Good documentation for installation and use!

SwitchBot Blind Tilt

The world's easiest solar-powered smart blinds. Here to help make your blinds smart instantly.

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