[App Update] Introducing the Latest UI Version of SwitchBot App

The SwitchBot Hub Mini is useful, but we often hear from people in various places, both in support emails and on Facebook, that they can't get used to the remote control screen....

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[Tips] How to open and close 4 SwitchBot curtains at the same time to brighten your living room instantly!

I have four SwitchBot curtains on hand, and I have installed SwitchBot curtains on each curtain rail in the living room to realize the automation of the curtains, but can I open...

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[Tips] Control your SwitchBot on your wrist

For Apple Watch, the first thing most people think of might be the Apple Pay, Music Playback, Healthcare and Training. Today, we're going to show you how to turn on/off our SwitchBot...

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[Review] SwitchBot Curtain Detailed Review from Youtubers

This week we are going to get more familiar with SwitchBot Curtain both in terms of practical operation and voice control Via YouTubers. (Because there are so many reviews, only a part...

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[FAQ] Here are few guidelines after you received your SwitchBot Curtain.

Set up a Curtain timer, wake up to natural light: Add your Curtain into SwitchBot App and click it. Choose 'More'. Click the 'Schedule'. Click '+' to add a new timer. Set...

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[App Update] Introducing the Latest Version of SwitchBot App

With our latest update (iOS 4.0 and Android 5.0), let's say goodbye to these worries! 1. 'Scene' on The Homepage Menu Bar Easier and Quicker to execute the 'scene' on the screen....

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